There Can Be Only One
Luxor Pharaohs
Luxor Pharaohs compete to rule the last
standing pyramid of the Kingdom's capital
Themed park-hotel multimedia entertainment marketing roster of sketches, experiences, docu-fictions, reality shows, TV series, feature films and new/expansion themed hotel-parks.

1)Greeting Screen Sketches: Full body screen LCD size, activated by movement, greets guests with pompous speaking Pharaohs: Cleopatra, Tutankhamun, Ramses II and Hatshepsut.

2)VR-RR experience: Local Virtual Reality and/or Real Reality experience entering the tomb of Tutankhamun for the first time, reenacting the experience of Howard Carter in 1922, at the Valley of the Kings, Egypt.

3)Short Docu-fiction: real-fictional short “documentary” about how Cleopatra and Mark Anthony actually escaped the siege of Alexandria by Octavius West Roman army, crossed the Atlantic, to hide, live and be buried at the a Golden Pyramid in the Amazon jungle, where Alexander the Great was buried, known later as Eldorado.

4)Reality Show: Reality game show selects annually the Pharaoh of Luxor with competition to select the final four, representing Cleopatra, Tutankhamun, Ramses and Hatshepsut, to then only one remain to rule for one year.

5)TV series: day to days, loves, adventures and battles, in the separate lives of Ramses II, the Pharaoh, Arhmeth, the Soldier and Metsamun, the sculpture artist, in Ancient Egypt; intercrossed with present Rodger, the CEO, Alan, the maintenance mechanic, and Matt, the stand up comedian, in modern hotel theme park in Las Vegas.

6) Feature Film: Cleo and Marco, the love, adventure and mystery story of Cleopatra and Marco Antonio (Mark Anthony), that did not end in suicide as the history books account but in the Amazon jungle, after escaping the Siege of Alexandria, interacting with local native pre-colombian inca/mayan-aztecs, and at last buried at the Golden Pyramid later known as Eldorado, also burial place of Alexander the Great.

7) Theme hotel-park new/expansion: Golden Pyramid Eldorado surrounded by equatorial Amazon jungle; explores the reality-fiction connection between Ancient Egypt and Inca/Mayan/Aztec cultures, from the burial of Alexander the Great, by order of Ptolemy, one of his heir right hand men, father of Cleopatra, wife of Mark Anthony, both also buried at the Golden Pyramid, later post-colombian known as Eldorado.
Luxor Pharaohs, Cleopatra, Tutankhamun, Ramses II and Hatshepsut, compete in the present, to rule the last standing pyramid of the Kingdom's capital, while remembering their old days of single rule and glory, including the lost secret Eldorado Pyramid in the Amazon Jungle, burial place of Alexander the Great, Cleopatra and Mark Anthony.