Immortal soccer player scores incredible
goals in the present, past and future
After a sequence of beautiful and skillful goals, narrator describes the greatness of the player.

Finally alone on the roof of a soccer stadium with a beautiful view of the city, the player's distant eyes takes his memory back to other great times.

He was a worker at the construction of the tallest of the Egyptian pyramids. After work he still had energy to play soccer with his fellow workers against the team of Pharaoh guards near the shores of the Nile.

Back to the present, a sequence of jornalists, fans and paparazi worship and funny encounters.

Now to the distant future in a Martian colony dome covered game played on the red dirt ground.

Scenes of present documentary style are intertwined with past and future:

Rome Arena game where the loser team had to stay in while the winners ran for cover to escape the entering lions;

Saylors playing at the beach after Pedro Alvares Cabral was the first european to step on Brazilian soil;

World War II D-Day invasion samba batucada of Brazilian soldiers in their only amphibian boat, followed by a beach match between allied soldiers and German prisoners;

High-tech Balthusian stadium hosts the final of the Galaxy Cup between Earth's team and the undefeated home team.
Narrated reality-fiction of a present great soccer player that is also shown in action in the distant past and future. The secret of his immortality seems to be scoring incredible goals. The more he scores the more he lives as centuries fly by.
Lives and Goals