Accountant discovers
he can jump from NY to LA.
Love and Hate, Ain't it a Bug
Full Script Concept - Title: Super Flea
Genre: Action-comedy + Romantic-comedy
Poster: Super-Flea's son with back towards Insecto-Spy's daughter. Between them short Super-Flea in front of tall Insecto-Spy.
Catch-phrase: Love and Hate, Ain't it a Bug.
Log Line: Accountant discovers he can jump from NY to LA.
Plot Structure: Mega Inciting Incident: Fukushima Tsunami, To-be-Super-Flea caught at airport, and bitten by radioactive flea.
Main action-comedy plot: Small business accountant super hero father vs big business billionaire super villain father.
Secondary romantic-comedy plot: Super-Flea scientist-son and Insecto-Spy fashion-designer-daughter.
Mega Closing Incident: North Korea and Iran simultaneous Missile Attack on LA and NY dilemma (save what city?).
Character Arch: Super-flea from free-spirit, to humble negative workaholic, to vengeful-show-off-artist, to positive hero of international justice, to free-spirit.

Full Synopsis: Born in San Francisco (SF), he was a long hair free-spirited, love and peace man. 40 years later he is a bald small business accountant single Dad in NY. Disciplined/conservative son invites him to his wedding to the daughter of a defense industry billionaire who he works for and idolizes. Son suggests he take a vacation before the wedding to rest and lift his positive spirit. He goes for a weekend in a calm, safe, secure, zen place: Japan... 24 hours before Tsunami hit. Stuck on Fukushima airport, he watches airplanes, houses and cars wash away. After water retreats he walks by total destruction. He's bitten by an oversize radioactive flea that jumped from a Fukushima nuclear plant dead rat to a cat to a dog and to him. His son is an electronic wiz kid, who works, to his father's disappointment, on an arms industry GPS missile guide. Father misses the Tokyo-LA flight and his son's almost marriage. Daughter-bride and her father bad mouth the groom's absent father, a verbal fight breaks out in the middle of the ceremony, and groom walks away, later to be fired by his boss-bride's father. Father/son cut off relationship, because all it took was a phone call from Japan to say he was okay and that he could have attended the wedding instead of camping at the top of Fuji mountain. As his father, son becomes workaholic and develops GPS/electronic advanced missile guide system that gets him back on track with boss and his daughter. Meanwhile his father discovers his Super-flea jumping and sticking powers, jumping up the empire state building and then all the way to LA to see his son who won't speak to him. Super-flea, wearing a Samurai white head band with red circle and SF letters uniform, after show-off crime fighting spree, discovers that his son's to-be-billionaire-father-in-law turn out to be “Insecto”, FBI/CIA most wanted codename for an industrial spy responsible in the past for obtaining missile guide technology for his business and selling them to “rogue nations” such as North Korea and Iran. New system created by Super-flea's son allows missiles to maneuver away from any traditional anti-missile system. Super-flea upgrades his crime fighting system to become the arrest warrant executioner for the International Crime Court, jumping in and out of countries carrying crimes against humanity dictators. Insecto sells new missile system for US$10 billion a pop to any country. Super-flea was to execute arrest warrant requested by US to ICC to Iran/North Korea dictators. Missiles fly to LA/NY. Super-flea can deflect only one. He picks NY and trusts son's new anti-missile defense system to protect LA, himself and his bride. Missiles are deflected, dictators arrested, and Insecto found and arrested hiding in cold Greenland cave bunker the old fashion way. Super-flea's power disappears with the cold. The Super-flea gig is now summertime job. Son and Insecto's daughter after second failed marriage attempt, follow Super-flea's advice that marriage is about free love, no financial or emotional contracts required. Super-flea spends his Samurai winter vacation in Japan with a charming mysterious Geisha.